Saturday, April 22, 2017

Are you a guru, an innovator or the master of the universe?

This isn't exactly about writing or editing, but, then again, maybe it is.

On LinkedIn, it says "Tom Gillispie, Good writer, better editor." So "Good writer, better editor" is sort of my title. It's the truth, and I'm proud of it.

I see all of these folks on LinkedIn and other social media who claim to be an innovator, a guru, a visionary, a strategist, a facilitator or whatever. There's at least one who said she is a "Magic Worker," and another that is supposed to be an entrepreneurial wizard.

I just found another who says he's a "Writer, reporter, editor, publicist and all-around brilliant person." Who knows? Maybe he is.

And there's another who is an Ideator, Visionary and more. Another is a Vigilante of nuance. One is a Digital Knowmad, and another is a digital renaissance man.

Twitter has at least one queen of the edit and a copy-editing czar, among other royalty.

I just encountered the Media Empress on Twitter; obviously, she's in charge. Still, I wonder. Is she the next Oprah Winfrey?

I just found a guy who is a "communication evangelist." Praise the Lord, and pass the info.

There are guys who mention Superman or leaping tall buildings on their profiles. No. Sorry. Whoever you are, you're not the Man of Steel.

Frankly, there are few innovators or visionaries, gurus and wizards, and I hate it when people turn to hyperbole to promote themselves.

I don't claim to be anything I'm not. I'm not a facilitator or a visionary, a media wizard or a guru. I'm certainly not the master of the universe, and neither are you.

I AM a darned good writer, and I AM a better editor. That's it.

But, to me, it's enough.


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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Links to Detroit Tigers web sites

(NOTE: Just click on the name of the web site.)


Official page

Wikipedia page

2017 schedule (MLB)

Tigers Roster & Staff (MLB)

Roster Resource page

2016 Detroit Tigers Roster (40-man) (Baseball-Reference)

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Detroit Tigers Team History & Encyclopedia (Baseball-Reference)

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Tigers retired numbers (Tigers)

List of World Series champions (Wikipedia)

Comerica Park (Tigers)

Broadcasters (Tigers)

History of the Detroit Tigers in the World Series (About)

Tigers' all-time rosters

The Best Detroit Tigers of All Time (Ranker)

Detroit Tigers 2017 Payroll (Spotrac)

1968 Detroit Tigers Statistics (Baseball-Reference))

Britannica page

Twitter page

Facebook page

Team gear (

Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park Tickets (Comerica Park)

Tickets center (StubHub)

Detroit Tigers Trivia Questions & Answers (Fun Trivia)


Brad Ausmus bio (Baseball Almanac)

Brad Ausmus bio (Wikipedia)

Sparky Anderson bio (Baseball Hall of Fame)

Sparky Anderson stats (Baseball-Reference)

Tigers Managers (Tigers)

Detroit Tigers Managers (Baseball Almanac)


Miguel Cabrera bio (Wikipedia)

Miguel Cabrera stats and more (CBS Sports)

Ty Cobb bio (Baseball Hall of Fame)

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Harry Heilmann bio (Baseball Hall of Fame)

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List of Detroit Tigers owners and executives (Wikipedia)

Christopher Ilitch bio (Wikipedia)

Mike Ilitch bio (Wikipedia)

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Detroit Tigers Links: Are the Tigers finally ready for outfield help? (Bless You Boys)

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Marketing deal gives Polk County exposure at Tigers home games (The Ledger)


Detroit News page
Chicago Tribune page

Washington Post page

CBS Sports page

FOX Sports page

ESPN page

Bleacher Report page

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Yahoo! Sports page


Motor City Bengals

Mlive page

MLB Trade Rumors page

Rotoworld page



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