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Links to Baltimore Colts web sites

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Baltimore Colts (1953-1983) (Sports Ecyclopedia)

History of the Baltimore Colts (Wikipedia)

Colts History (Colts Heritage)

Baltimore Colts, 1947-1950 (Wikipedia)

Baltimore Colts relocation to Indianapolis (Wikipedia)

1958 Baltimore Colts Statistics & Players (Pro Football-Reference)

1960 Colts Starters, Roster & Players (Pro Football-Reference)

1968 Baltimore Colts Statistics & Players (Pro Football-Reference)

Timeline (Baltimore Colts Mania)

Colts Hall of Famers (Colts Heritage)

Restoring Baltimore's football heritage (Colts Heritage)

Baltimore Colts Hall of Famers (Baltimore Colts Blog)

Greatest game ever played (Pro Football Hall of Fame)

Memorial Stadium (Baltimore) (Wikipedia)

Baltimore football history (Baltimore Ravens)


Don Shula bio (Biography)

Don Shula bio (Pro Football Hall of Fame)

Weeb Ewbank bio (Pro Football Hall of Fame)

Category:Baltimore Colts coaches (Wikipedia)


Johnny Unitas bio (Pro Football Hall of Fame)

Jim Parker bio (Pro Football Hall of Fame)

Gino Marchetti bio (Pro Football Hall of Fame)

Lenny Moore bio (Pro Football Hall of Fame)

Raymond Berry bio (Pro Football Hall of Fame)

Art Donovan bio (Pro Football Hall of Fame)


Jim Irsay bio (Wikipedia)

Robert Irsay bio (Wikipedia)

Carroll Rosenbloom bio (Wikipedia)


30 years on, Baltimore better without Colts (ESPN blog)

Baltimore And The Colts — A Bond 'You're Never Gonna See Again,' Upton Bell Says (WBUR)

Colts leave Baltimore (Baltimore Sun)

Gino Marchetti beloved by Baltimore for his Colts and fast food careers

(Sports Illustrated)

The Frat Boys Who Moved The Colts Out Of Baltimore (Deadspin)

Baltimore Colts to be presented new Hall of Fame rings Sunday (

Colts leave town: Getting the story straight (The Baltimore Sun)

Thirty years later, remembering how Colts' move went down 
(USA Today)

When an NFL team turned to a running back to play quarterback (FOX Sports)

Top 50 Indianapolis-Baltimore Colts Players All-Time (Stampede Blue)

Baltimore Colts vs. Baltimore Ravens (Gridiron Breakdown/NFL)

Super Bowl III: Joe Namath leads NY Jets to arguably biggest upset in history over Baltimore Colts (New York Daily News)

A Reminder of a Bitter Past: Colts Residency in Indiana Eclipses Stay in Baltimore (Baltimore Beatdown)

Cleveland Browns 1964 championship season: Baltimore Colts RB Tom Matte (video, slideshow) (

The Ballad Of Big Daddy Lipscomb (Sports Illustrated)

Seven Baltimore Colts greats to be inducted into Hall of Legends (The Baltimore Sun)

In Case Of Emergency: Running Back Tom Matte's 3 Games As NFL Quarterback (WBUR)

What If Don Shula Stayed in Baltimore? (Stampede Blue)

Don Shula learned early lesson about business with Donald Trump (Pro Football Talk)

Bill Belichick Reflects On 1975 Season With Baltimore Colts (Pressbox)


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