Monday, August 15, 2016

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Anxious Waiting, then Finally, a Knock on the Door: With Jerry Kramer for His Call to the Hall (Sports Illustrated)

J.J. Watt Wins Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award (YouTube)

How Gregg Popovich Uses ‘Magical Feedback’ to Inspire the San Antonio Spurs (Time)

Kansas City Chiefs trading QB Alex Smith to Redskins (NFL)

Sports Theory: A MUCH Better NFL Division Format! (YouTube)


NFL best QB jukes (YouTube)

NFL smartest plays of all time (YouTube)

1969 NFL quarterbacks (YouTube)

4 Changes NFL needs to make ASAP to save it from itself
(Cowboys Wire)

On Dan, Dean and the Draft (Sports Illustrated)

Stop complaining about Friday night college football (Sports Illust.)

Famous, But Not in the Hall (Sports Illustrated)

In his own words, Mike Adamle remembers a life full of action, laughs and heart (The Athletic)

11 NFL Records That No One Has Been Able to Break
(The Cheat Sheet)

Robert Kraft Made a ‘Mistake’ and Turned It Into a Dynasty
(Sports Illustrated)

The Art of the Hail Mary: Why Rodgers is so successful with NFL's most improbable play (Sports Illustrated)

How NFL coaches are outsmarting the rule book more often than ever (Sports Illustrated)

Phil Jackson compares Wilt Chamberlain and Shaquille O'Neal

(LA Times)

The story of the man who gave Bear Bryant his job back (

The wisdom of Forrest Gregg (Sports Illustrated)

Hornung excelled on the field and had fun off it (ESPN Classic)

Magic Johnson to Lakers: Remove my honorary vice president title
(The Sporting News)

Kobe Bryant believes the NBA needs to make a major change to save its players (Fox Sports) 

Ranking the top 25 players in Lakers history (Bleacher Report)

Phil Jackson recalls night he asked Jerry West to leave locker room
(Los Angeles Times)



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