Sunday, August 28, 2016

Links to Boston Celtics web sites

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Official web site

Team history (Sports Illustrated)

Team all-time roster (Wikipedia)

Celtics' all-time best players (Hispanos NBA)

Team Hall of Famers (

Team Roster (

List of team's all-time head coaches (Wikipedia)

2016-17 season (Wikipedia)

Team salaries (Hoopshype)

Celtics store (

Celtics Blog


Bill Russell bio (

Bill Russell, Celtics great (

Bill Russell stats (

John Havlicek bio (

John Havlicek stats, bio (ESPN)

Glenn "Doc" Rivers bio (

Tom Heinsohn bio (

Dave Cowens, Celtics great (


The 5 best Boston Celtics of all time (CheatSheet)

NBA legend Larry Bird says he doesn't think he'll make it to the age of 75 (CBS Sports)

33 facts to celebrate Larry Bird's 60th birthday (USA Today)

Red Auerbach on management (Harvard Business Review)

Red Auerbach farewell (

The passing of a Celtics legend (The Boston Globe)

The unusual 1982 trade of the retired Dave Cowens


Bleacher Report


SB Nation

Yahoo! Sports

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