Saturday, April 16, 2011

Coach K on the football media tour

When Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski was about to get his 900th career win recently, I thought back to 1986.

We were on the ACC Football Media Tour, with 26 sports writers and one bus driver riding from one Atlantic Coast Conference school to the next.

I think we'd just visited the University of Maryland in Landover and were heading through Virginia en route to Clemson, S.C. We got off the bus in Petersburg, Va., for lunch and walked into a steakhouse. The first people we saw were new Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski and his wife.

Coach K wouldn't recognize me from Adam, but he knew a lot of the other guys in line. You could read his lips, and he obviously wasn't happy. He figured we were going to badger him with questions.

We all walked by his table and said "Hi, coach." A few guys said a little more, probably explaining what we were doing. We didn't bother him at all. We wanted to eat.

I never found out what he was doing (or who he was recruiting) in Petersburg.

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