Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Star trekking

My wife has been ODing on "Mission: Impossible" the last  year or more, but now it's my turn. Netflix also added all of the Star Trek shows some time ago, plus a few movies (which were later removed), to its streaming list.

I'm watching "The Cage" as I write this, and I've watched many regular Star Trek shows, plus nearly every Voyager and Next Generation episode and a few of Deep Space Nine (I watched two last night). I also watched every episode of Enterprise, although it's not my favorite Trek show.

In recent months, I've also seen "Wrath of Khan" and "The Search for Spock" (I wish they'd put "Voyage Home" on there).

I can watch Star Trek to my heart's content. And if I get tired of Star Trek, hey, there's always "Mission: Impossible." (They took "Mission: Impossible" off Netflix some time ago.)
I just found one of the better DS9 episodes, The Visitor. Ben Sisko has been taken into subspace, and Jake wastes his life looking for him. You can find it here. Actually, it's probably as good as any Star Trek episode ever done (with all due respects to "The City on the Edge of Forever").

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