Sunday, April 24, 2016

Links to Miami Dolphins web sites

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Player roster (

Player roster (Miami Dolphins web site)

Team gear (NFL Shop)

Ticket center (StubHub) 


Team history (CBS Sports)

Dolphins name (Miami Dolphins web site)

Team encyclopedia (from Pro-Football Reference)

Team history (Sports Ecyclopedia)

Team history (The Football Database)

Historical Perspective, 1965 and 1966 (The Phinsider)

All-time roster (Miami Dolphins web site)

Dolphins' all-time draft history (Pro Football-Reference)

Miami's perfect season (Pro Football Hall of Fame)

1972 Dolphins (

1972 Dolphins (Wikipedia)

1972 Dolphins stats (Pro Football Reference)

1972 Dolphins roster (


Adam Gase bio (Wikipedia)

Don Shula (Pro Football Hall of Fame)

Don Shula bio (

Don Shula quotes (BrainyQuote)

Jimmy Johnson bio (Wikipedia)

Jimmy Johnson quotes (BrainyQuote)


Ryan Tannehill bio (Wikipedia)

Jay Ajayi bio (Wikipedia)
Jay Ajayi stats (ESPN)

Laremy Tunsil page (ESPN)

Larry Csonka (

Larry Csonka Power Back (YouTube)

Dan Marino bio (Pro Football Hall of Fame)

Dan Marino stats (Pro Football-Reference)

Jason Taylor bio (team web site)

Jason Taylor bio (Wikipedia)

Jason Taylor Foundation

Zach Thomas bio (Wikipedia)

Bob Griese bio (Pro Football Hall of Fame)

Bob Griese stats (Pro Football-Reference)

Dwight Stephenson bio (Pro Football Hall of Fame)

Dwight Stephenson bio (Wikipedia)

Jim Langer bio (Pro Football Hall of Fame)

Larry Little bio (Pro Football Hall of Fame)

Nick Buoniconti bio (Pro Football Hall of Fame)

Bill Stanfill bio (Wikipedia)


Stephen Ross bio (Miami Dolphins)

Stephen Ross profile (Forbes)

Wayne Huizenga bio (Wikipedia)

Wayne Huizenga page (Forbes)

Joe Robbie bio (Wikipedia)


Fan websites (team site)


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