Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Series

I JUST FOUND A WEB SITE listing the World Series winners and losers. Interestingly, four teams have perfect records in the Series: the Florida Marlins and Toronto Blue Jays are both 2-0, and the Angels and Arizona Diamondbacks are both 1-0.

The Giants, who won Game 1 of the current Series, haven't won the world's championship since 1954, when they were still in New York. The Texas Rangers are making their first Series appearance.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

No unbeatens

In past years, Miami Dolphins fans have suffered until the 10th, 12th or 14th game of the season for the last unbeaten to go down. In 2007, they had to wait until late in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl for the New York Giants to rally and beat the "unbeatable" New England Patriots.

Not this year. The Indianapolis Colts conveniently beat the Kansas City Chiefs today, ending any worry that a team would match the '72 Dolphins. Now, fans just have to worry when the Dolphins will win again.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Staying or not staying on deck

I never realized there was so much to know about the on-deck circle until I read this story in the N.Y. Times. Some major leaguers stay in the on-deck circle, and others stray far from it.

I like the idea used by little leaguers; have the guy in the on-deck circle face the batter's back. Less chance of getting hurt.

I do wonder, though, how much advantage a hitter can get by moving closer to the catcher. If it weren't an advantage, they wouldn't do it.

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Powerful names

I knew the well-named Lake Speed a little bit when he raced Winston Cup in the '90s, and I've met Indy-car driver Scott Speed. IRL driver Will Power (whom I never met) and drag-racing legend John Force (whom I have met) are others with powerful names.

But they'll never hold a candle to Dick Trickle, a good guy and a driver I know fairly well. The last time I talked to Dick was in 2007, when I was updating the Dale Earnhardt book.

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