Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Links to World Series web sites

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Official web site

Wikipedia page

World Series overview (MLB)

World Series and MLB Playoffs (Baseball-Reference)

World Series winners (ESPN)

World Series History (Baseball Almanac)

World Series Origins (Snopes)

World Series opponents year-by-year (MCubed)

2016 World Series Chicago Cubs over Cleveland Indians (4-3) (Baseball-Reference)

List of World Series champions (Wikipedia)

All-time and Single-Season World Series Batting Leaders (Baseball-Reference)

Lifetime World Series Records (Fact Monster)

World Series Career Hitting Records (Baseball Almanac)

Little League ™/ Major League World Series Players (Baseball Almanac)

1989 World Series (Wikipedia)

Chicago Cubs championship gear (

Can you name the MLB teams with the longest current World Series title droughts? (Sporcle)

2017 betting odds to win MLB World Series (Gaming Today)

6 Things You May Not Know About the World Series (History)

George Will’s 2018 Opening Day Quiz (Washington Post)


A Cubs-Red Sox World Series? It’s not too early to talk about it (The Boston Globe)

2017 World Series odds: Oddsmakers like Cubs, Red Sox as MLB favorites (CBS Sports)

Five MLB franchises that could end World Series title droughts in 2017

(The Sporting News)

One reason each MLB team will not win the World Series this season 
(FOX Sports)

MLB All-Star Game will no longer determine Series home-field advantage (USA Today)

The 11 Most Memorable MLB World Series Wins (Men's Fitness)

5 MLB Teams With the Most World Series Titles (The Cheat Sheet)

Cubs are heavy wait champions! (MLB)

Cubs ordered some custom cowboy boots to commemorate their Series title (MLB)

Chicago Cubs win World Series championship with 8-7 victory over Cleveland Indians (Chicago Tribune)

The Cubs' memorable moments (Sports Illustrated)

City Releases Total Cost of Cubs World Series Run (NBC Chicago)

6 Things You May Not Know About the World Series (History)

MLB Preview: The Cubs Hope to Repeat as World Series Champions (MLB Mayhem)

Sorry, America: Ricky Vaughn won’t throw out the first pitch at a World Series game (Washington Post)

Top 15 MLB Stars Who Played In College World Series (ThoughtCo)


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