Sunday, April 27, 2008

No luck with Billy Sims

Years ago, my friend Todd and I decided to go see the Detroit Lions play the Falcons in Atlanta, and it was a mistake. We were on the ground level, and what we saw mostly was the Falcons standing on the sideline.

We watched No. 77, Edgar Fields, standing on the sideline the whole game. I wonder if he ever played.

We wanted to see the Lions' Billy Sims play, and we did ... on one play. The sea of Falcons players parted, and Sims slid out of bounds (pretty much where Fields was or would have been standing).

The only on-field action we saw was the ball flying through the air on passes, punts and kicks. As far as I know, we never saw anyone pass, catch, kick or punt the ball.

We finally just decided to leave, and an attendant told us to please return to our seats. We told him that he could have our seats; we were leaving. We turned to see if Sims was there (I didn't see him); then we went home to South Carolina, sadder but probably a bit wiser.


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