Monday, August 29, 2016

New episodes for my TV shows

MOST DAYS, I'LL LOOK at Netflix and check to see if my favorite TV shows have been updated with more episodes. It's happened with Criminal Minds, Murdoch Mysteries and Longmire, and it recently happened with NCIS. In each case, it was like getting a gift in my inbox.

I had almost given up on NCIS, but I'm happily watching shows that I missed live (most of them). I don't know why, but I deal better with streamed shows on Netflix and HuluPlus than I do on over-the-air TV or cable.

I'm still waiting for Longmire's new season (Sept. 23). Last year, I watched the entire season (about 10 episodes) in two days. I may do it again.

Holly and I recently added Acorn TV to our list of streaming carriers, to go with Netflix, Hulu and Sling TV. All of those add up to much less than cable TV; I think we pay less $45 a month for all of those.

Sling ($20 a month) is the most expensive, by far, but it'll soon be worth it; football.

NOTE: In mid-September, Netflix just added another season of Hawaii Five-0, and I've been watching it. I'm being a little slower at moving through the season.

NOTE 2: I'm most of the way through the season of Longmire; I'm savoring it.

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