Friday, August 5, 2016

My British invasion

I've undergone a British invasion recently; I've been watching a lot of Agatha Christie's Poirot, Agatha Christie's MarpleMidsomer Murders and Inspector Morse lately. They're all British TV mysteries, as is Foyle's War, another favorite.

Throw in Miss Fisher's Mysteries (Australia) and Murdoch Mysteries (Canada), and I've been watching a bunch of mystery TV series with a British flavour.

I've spent more time with Poirot than the others, as I've worked my way through the 70 episodes twice and have started through it again. I'm about 30 episodes into Midsomer, about a dozen into Morse and about 25 into Fisher. I've watched the first 96 episodes of Murdoch at least once each; some I've seen two or three times.

All of the shows have their own charms, but I admit I like Poirot best; I like the main characters (Hercule Poirot, his foil Arthur Hastings, his helper Miss Lemon, and Scotland Yard chief inspector James Japp) and their interaction.

I've tried other British or Canadian mystery series, like Pie in the Sky and Campion, and I've enjoyed other British non-mystery series like Lovejoy, Hamish Macbeth, Monarch of the Glen, and Doc Martin. Maybe I'll find another I like.

What's the attraction? With Poirot and most of the others, the pace is slow, and the show is cerebral. I enjoy the very American Jesse Stone series with Tom Selleck because of the slow pace.

I have four Jesse Stone movies on tape; maybe I'll break them out.

P.S.: I recently finished watching the first three seasons of Masterpiece Grantchester. Yes, I like it, too.


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