Sunday, July 17, 2016

Limitless potential

I started watching the TV show "Limitless" on Netflix last night, and I watched the first two episodes. I don't even know the main character's name yet (Brian Finch; I looked it up).

The show has an attractive premise: a 28-year-old screwup takes a special pill that makes him super-smart for the next 12 hours. He's helping the FBI, and they're slowly giving him more and more leeway.

I can't imagine the real FBI trusting this guy at all; they couldn't control him.

By the way, I see the show was not renewed for a second season. Bummer. It's kind of like the TV show "Forever," which I loved and watched faithfully. That show had a cliffhanger at the end of its lone season, and the show wasn't renewed. I wonder if they did the same thing with "Limitless."

STRAY THOUGHT: Wasn't one of the main characters on "Person of Interest" named Harold Finch? Why do they like Finch so much?

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