Friday, July 15, 2016

Rerun from one show to another

A few weeks ago, I watched the "NCIS" episode in which Very Special Pain in the Butt Anthony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) left the team and the show to take care of his TV daughter. I watched it on TV.

Then last night, I was watching "Criminal Minds" on Netflix and immediately realized that I was watching the episode where Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) was leaving the BAU to look after his TV wife and child. It felt almost like a rerun of the NCIS episode, although I don't know which aired first.

I have to admit I'll miss Morgan more than DiNozzo. I hated the way he treated Tim McGee (Sean Murray). And, yes, I do realize DiNozzo's character was written that way.

Morgan's character picked on Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) some on "Criminal Minds", but they were best buds. Morgan was more like a loving big brother, not a tormentor.

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