Sunday, April 17, 2016

A M*A*S*Hed jeep

In 1980, my friend Todd and I were watching M*A*S*H on re-runs, and this particular show seemed familiar to me. So I told Todd about an episode in which Frank Burns commandeered a tank and was going to run over Col. Potter's jeep with Col. Potter still in it.

We watched as that episode unfolded. Fairly late in the episode, Col. Potter jumped out just before the tank mashed his jeep. He unbuckled his side pistol and fired to "put the jeep out of its misery."

Todd looked at me as though I'd played a trick on him. I told him that the beginning of the episode made me think of the tank episode. No big deal, but it didn't seem that way to him.

Before Netflix dropped M*A*S*H from its lineup recently, I watched the tank episode again. And I thought of a 1980 scene from an apartment in Seneca, S.C.


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