Sunday, February 7, 2010

The 2010 Super Bowl (Saints over Colts)

I WAS JUST WATCHING the Indianapolis Colts run onto the field before the Super Bowl, and it was easy to pick out quarterback Peyton Manning. Even from the side (so you can't see his number), his awkward running style is easy to pick out.

I don't know who to root for. I rooted for the Saints when Archie Manning was their quarterback (back in the '70s), and I've rooted for Peyton Manning since he was a sophomore at the University of Tennessee. Yes, there's a huge Manning connection from each side.

I think Archie played a college bowl game with a broken arm in a sling. He had more than 140 yards from both passing and rushing. Tough guy.

Queen Latifah did a nice version of "America the Beautiful," but it sounded even better when the choir kicked in behind her.

I liked the McDonald's commercial with Dwight Howard, LeBron James and Larry Bird. It reminded me of the commercials with Jordan, Bird and, occasionally, Charles "I can make that shot" Barkley.

It looks like Dwight Freeney, even with an ankle injury, is putting pressure on Drew Brees and the Saints offense.

The commercial with Betty White is surprising. You don't expect to see her (and later the old man, Abe Vigoda) getting knocked into the mud during a pickup football game.

(These Doritos commercials are irritating.)

Nice play by Manning and Pierre Garcon for a 10-0 lead. That caps a 96-yard drive.

Drew Brees has been playing well, but Freeney just sacked him. And the Saints kicked the field goal (10-3).

The Colts pretty much went away in the second quarter, and the halftime score (10-6) is really low. I wonder if Freeney's ankle injury was overstated in the first place. He looks good to me.

I would expect the Colts offense to be better than this. Jeremy Shockey just scored for the Saints. That two-point conversion almost looked good (22-17). They're reviewing the call. It still looks good to me. It IS good (24-17).

The interception off Manning for a touchdown was shocking. Peyton doesn't do that often. (31-17)

Sean Payton just got the Gatorade shower. I have to admit that I didn't expect the Saints to win.

That's one fewer team that had never won the Super Bowl. The Bills, Seahawks, Texans, Panthers, Jags, Bengals, Titans, Chargers, Cardinals, Falcons, Browns, Eagles and Vikings quickly come to mind as non-Super Bowl winners.

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