Saturday, January 2, 2010

Brrrrr.... it's C-O-O-L-D

SOMEONE WAS TALKING ABOUT THE WEATHER tonight; it's supposed to get down in the teens here in the Triad of North Carolina. In fact, it was 26 at four o'clock. That's bad, but I've seen worse (I'm sure you have, too).

It made me think of the winter of 1976-77 in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. We had 17 straight days in which the temperature never got above zero. Usually, it'd drop about 7 degrees below zero, then get up near zero in the day. We had one night with eight inches of snow and the wind chill supposedly hit minus-24. I don't know if it was that cold, but it was bitter cold that night.

Apparently not too many people tested Highway 220 that night, as I drove home from working at The Homestead. Snow packed the road and drifted on the sides, and it was hard to tell where my side of the road was. So I drove up the middle, hoping I didn't meet too much traffic. By the time I'd driven two miles or so to our home in Ashwood, I still hadn't met anyone, and my tire tracks were the only ones out there.

The next year, I was attending Radford College, and we had cold, wind and snow. I couldn't find out if classes were on, so I headed out. The wind blew me to my knees and sent my books sailing down the street. There were outdoor steps, and, naturally, I fell down them, bump, de-bump, de-bump. There were 10 steps; my butt hit seven of them, and the rest were beneath me.

And, yes, when I got to the classroom, class was cancelled.

It was frozen up and blown away.

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