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Links to Star Trek web sites

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Home page

Wikipedia page

Star Trek web sites (Tom Gillispie)

IMDB page

Star Trek news (Star Trek)

Star Trek news (Reddit)

TrekMovie page

Trek News

Trek Today

The best of Star Trek (Tom Gillispie)

2017 Las Vegas Convention

Star Trek: Discovery (CBS)

Star Trek: Discovery news (CBS)

Star Trek Beyond (IMDB)

Star Trek Continues

MeTV page

Facebook page

Twitter page

Instagram page

Star Trek merchandise (Think Geek)

Star Trek: The Cruise

Engage: The Official Star Trek Podcast

Star Trek Magazine (Titan Magazines)

Variety page

Star Trek's Deadline page

Star Trek page (

Screen Rant page

IDW Publishing page

Star Trek Ultimate Voyage

Star Trek Catan

SF Debris page

  Star Trek: The Graphic Novel Collection (Eaglemoss)

Star Trek gifts (Cafe Press)

Star Trek fan sites (Star Trek)

Star Trek Medley (The Danish National Symphony Orchestra)

Star Trek Epic Symphony: Where No One Has Gone Before (Composed by Sam Dillard)


Gene Roddenberry bio (Memory Alpha)

Majel Barrett-Roddenberry bio (Memory Alpha)

Chris Pine bio (IMDb)

Simon Pegg's official web site

Zachary Quinto bio (IMDb)

William Shatner's official web site

Leonard Nimoy bio (IMDb)

Patrick Stewart bio (IMDb)

Avery Brooks bio (IMDB)

René Auberjonois's official web site

Nana Visitor bio (IMDb)

Totally Kate The Official Fansite of Kate Mulgrew

Scott Bakula bio (IMDb)

James Darren bio (IMDb)


'Star Trek' Star Nichelle Nichols' Son Claims She Is Suffering From Dementia (Comicbook / Star Trek)

Capt. Kirk to the bridge! William Shatner visits 'Star Trek' set in Champlain Valley (Burlington Free Press)

Neil deGrasse Tyson Tells Us Why 'Star Trek' Is So Much Better Than 'Star Wars' (Business Insider)

Leonard Nimoy, Star Trek Memories (YouTube)

Saldana: Work/Home Life Balance Is Tough! (Trek Today)

Gates McFadden on being a female cast member on Star Trek: TNG (CBC News Ottawa)

Star Trek gets closer to becoming home tech (Science News for Students)

6 Reasons Star Trek: Voyager Was A Failure. (Entertain-O-Rama)

Sir Patrick Stewart wants US citizenship to 'fight' President Trump (SkyNEWS)

The stories behind some of the most popular Star Trek lines (The Vintage News)

Remembering James Doohan, On What Would Have Been His 97th Birthday (TrekNews)

Black Sheep of 'Star Trek': New Documentary Explores the Dark 'Deep Space Nine' (

The One Thing About Geordi That LeVar Burton Wishes Star Trek Had Explored: "His Sexuality" (Gizmodo)

Patrick Stewart on His Craft, 21st-Century Science and Robot Ethics (Smithsonian)

Anton Yelchin remembered at Oscars ceremony (The Guardian)

What’s Wrong (and Right) With Star Trek: Discovery’s Ship Design (Screen Rant)

Ten for Ward: Trek Books I Wish I'd Written (Star Trek)

"Star Trek Beyond" Review (WHK Radio)

Legally Blind Woman Sees With VISOR-like Device (Star Trek)

What if Star Trek Had Never Existed? (Wired)

Google wants to build the Star Trek computer (Slate)

Why Peter Thiel fears "Star Trek" (The New Yorker)

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ 2017 CBS TV series: Everything we know so far (Digital Trends)

Adam Nimoy's Deep Space Nine documentary fully crowdfunded in one day (Blastr)

The Science of Star Trek (NASA)

An Oral History of "Star Trek" (Smithsonian)

11 things you never knew about Khan, the greatest 'Star Trek' villain (MeTV)

How Alex Haley and 'Roots' changed LeVar Burton's life (Deseret News)

Crowdfunded 'Star Trek: DS9' documentary imagines a new season (Engadget)

Catching Up with DS9 Guest Star, Chris Sarandon (Star Trek)

The 10 Best Sites To Go On A Star Trek & Become A Trekkie (Make Use Of)

Best Star Trek Websites (Star Trek Sentinel)

The 6 Best Star Trek Fan Sites For Trekkies (High Five Sites)

NASA Remembers Leonard Nimoy (NASA)

Stream Babylon 5, Fringe, Sarah Connor episodes free online (Nerdvana)


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