Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Horsing around with two shots

Nearly 50 years ago, I was playing HORSE with an aggravating guy named Johnny Dean. Johnny walked every time he dribbled a basketball (he didn't even know it), and he crowed when he beat me in HORSE.

I don't think I ever beat Johnny in HORSE, but I did learn two shots that made me nearly unbeatable.

One was a spin/layup shot in which the ball started on the bottom of the rim and crawled over the rim into the basket. I even used it once during a game of one-on-one. My opponent whined, but he saw the ball go in.

The other shot wasn't as automatic, because I couldn't make it every time. I learned to look down at the floor, find the circle above the free-throw line AND BANK THE BALL IN WITHOUT LOOKING. It worked great in HORSE because no one else could do it, and, as far as I know, I never missed in a game of HORSE.

Occasionally, I used it in a pickup game because no one knew I could do it. I could score a couple baskets before people realized they needed to guard me when I was looking at the floor. Not automatic in a regular game, but close.

Sadly, I haven't played HORSE in 30-some years; two shots wasted.


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