Monday, February 2, 2015

Anything but THAT!

I didn't know how to take the ending to Super Bowl 49; almost anything but what happened. I was expecting the Seattle Seahawks to run Marshawn Lynch (going Beast Mode) or fake to Lynch and run quarterback Russell Wilson outside.

After all, they were only a yard from the goal line.

Instead, they threw an interception in a 28-24 Seattle loss.

It was an abrupt ending, and it reminded me a bit of a Dallas Cowboys game in 2007. Tony Romo was holding for a 19-yard field-goal kick, and he bobbled the ball. He was tackled, and the wild-card game was over.

Abruptly. And, as it was with the Super Bowl, I wasn't expecting it.

Incidentally, the Seattle Seahawks beat the Cowboys, 21-20, on Romo's bobble.

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