Sunday, February 22, 2015

Without my cane

I did something today that I hadn't done since August 2009; I went to the dog park without my cane. I'm writing this in this blog rather than in The Dog Blog because this is about the cane, not the dog park.

I use the cane for balance and stability; if I'm losing my balance, I put the cane down so as not to fall. It's great on the uneven terrain at the dog park, and I also use it to protect myself from running dogs. I just put the end of the cane on the ground in front of me, and they run into the cane, not into me.

Today, we got to the dog park, and I looked everywhere in the car, but no cane. I knew where it was — leaning against the door at home — so Lady and I just went on into the park.

I didn't want to go into the big-dog side without the protection of the cane. Running dogs could plow into my legs and knock me down. So we went into the small-dog side (which had the added virtue of less mud).

We were alone for a time, and then people started bringing their small dogs. One woman asked if Lady would hurt another dog; I told her that Lady is the sweetest dog in the world. Then more people and dogs came in.

Lady got petted, and she even herded the other dogs (all much smaller than she is). She ran a bit, and I had to work to get her to come to me so we could go home. She'd still be there if she'd had her way.

But we made it home ... and I found the cane leaning against the house at the kitchen door.

I may have to put my backup cane in the rear of the car (NOTE: It's there).

NOTE: Lady passed on Sept. 17, 2016.


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