Thursday, October 20, 2016

Links to articles about astronomy

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Where Is Elon Musk's Space Tesla Actually Going? (The Atlantic)

Goss: Does red Mars twinkle? (The Roanoke Times)

It only happens once in a ‘super blue blood moon’

(Albuquerque Journal)

Obese stars are more common than expected (Astronomy)

Facts about gas giants (Space Facts)

Scientists Spot the Spark From Ancient Collision of Neutron Stars (Smithsonian)

Black hole 100,000 times bigger than our sun may be lurking at the center of Milky Way (Pulse Headlines)

Meet Florence, the Giant Asteroid That Will Buzz by Earth This September (Smithsonian)

Solar Eclipse Spurs Renewed Interest in Astronomy (Indiana 105)

Astronomers find smallest-ever star (UPI)

Professor Hanington's Speaking of Science: The shrinking red spot of Jupiter
 (Elko Daily Free Press)

This Planet Is Hotter Than Most Stars, But It Won't Live Long (Newsy)

Astronauts complete 200th International Space Station spacewalk (Spaceflight Insider)

If we successfully land on Mars, could we live there?

(Astronomy Magazine)

Astronomers Excited Over NASA Discovery (WNEP)  

Hubble Space Telescope Spots ‘Cosmic Calabash’ (Sci-news)

The largest space scope ever built is finished (Astronomy Magazine)

Astronomers unveil incredibly detailed new Milky Way map (CNN)

1st Mars Colonists Should Be 'Prepared to Die,' Elon Musk Says (

Aliens are all around us: NASA astronaut (Headlines & Global News)

(Headlines & Global News)

(Gadgets 360)

(Modern Readers)

NASA engages warp drive (Cosmos magazine)

Many New Planets Found (TIME FOR KIDS)

What's New in Space? (TIME FOR KIDS)


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