Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Links to articles about healthy living

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10 Foods You Should Avoid to Maintain Your Blood Sugar Levels (HealthiGuide)

5 Health Benefits of Lemon Water in the Morning (Wellness Mama)

4 Workouts for People with Limited Mobility (Spark People)

What Will Happen If You Start Eating Oats Every Day (YouTube)

Why cycling makes you a better person, according to science

(Palm Beach Post)

11 Best Foods to Help Maintain Your Joint Health (HealthiGuide)

5 Tips for Testing Your Blood Sugar (Everyday Health)

13 Foods That Won’t Raise Blood Glucose (Healthline)

12 Powerfoods to Beat Diabetes (Men's Health)

9 things to do with apple cider vinegar that can make you healthier — and 5 that won’t (Insider)

(Mind Body Green)

Why Veganism is the Future (Care2 Healthy Living)

(Constitutional Health)

 How do You Get Rid of Cellulite? (Authority Nutrition)

A longer and happier life (The Fiji Times)



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