Monday, January 25, 2016

Getting help at the trash dump

I found another Good Samaritan today, although he was not like the one I met before.

When I went to the trash dump today, I had forgotten that there would likely be snow and ice in front of the recycling barrels. There was, and I quickly realized I couldn't get across it.

At first, I thought of leaving. Then I noticed a young man with nothing to do. I hollered for help, and he quickly came. I showed him the bags of metal cans I wanted recycled, plus two cases of empty plastic bottles.

He made two trips, first with the cans, then with the bottles. It wasn't easy getting across the snow and ice, but he made it.

I was relieved that I could get help. As I was leaving, we waved at each other, and I noticed he was walking toward the recycling barrels with a big shovel to move the ice and snow.

Then I went on to my next errand.

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