Saturday, June 5, 2010

Remembering Wooden

I love the stories about UCLA coaching legend John Wooden, who just died. He had his rules to live by, including my favorite, be quick but don't hurry. He never scouted opponents, since he was more concerned about his own team. If they did things the right way — even worrying about the way they put on their socks — they'd win. And they did.

I found several online stories and photo packages on Wooden.

I enjoyed these photos in the Washington Post, including one of Wooden and wife Nell taken when Wooden first got the UCLA job in 1948.

The N.Y. Times probably did one of the better stories on Wooden.

Here's the Associated Press story, found on the N.Y. Post web site.

Here's the best site I've found so far, at ESPN. There's film about Wooden, of course. One expert said that Wooden won 10 national championships in a row; he won 10 in 12 years, ending in 1975.

There's also a nice section on Fox Sports.

There are more, and I'll find some of them.

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