Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Talking sports

Reverse psychology: This blogger suggests starting the backups in NFL preseason games and bringing in the "starters" for the second half. A Modest Proposal to Improve Football is an interesting idea, but it'll never go anywhere. Too good a chance to get regulars hurt.

Playoff, schmayoff: The essayist for Few Are Cheerleading for a College Football Playoff obviously doesn't think a college football playoff will happen anytime soon, if ever. I concur.

Thanks, Yanks: Yes, I read a lot of stuff on NYTimes.com. Lou Gehrig is one of my favorite players of all time, and Derek Jeter is about to pass him as the N.Y. Yankees' career hit leader. Here's an essay called Did Gehrig Care About Records? Of Course He Did. I think Gehrig and Jeter would have gotten along well; I just hope for a better ending for Jeter.

Looking forward: I found a story on Bleacher Report called 100 Predictions for the 2009 NFL Season. Some of them are interesting. I hope he's wrong about the Dolphins.

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