Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vikings and Eagles and QBs, oh my

I've always liked Brett Favre, although I liked him better when he was a loyal member of the Green Bay Packers. When he started his waffling back and forth on retirement, then pulled that stunt with the Jets, I dropped off the bandwagon.

I don't like a player turning his back on his team and his fans, and I hate the Jets. My team wears aqua and orange, and the Jets are the enemy. J-E-T-S. Enemy.

Now Favre has jerked the Minnesota Vikings around, told Coach Brad Childress before training camp that he wasn't going to be a Viking, then waited until after the first preseason game to join the team. He's a notorious hater of training camp -- I don't blame him there -- but I don't like the way he handled it.

It's funny, but I have a better feeling about Michael Vick. I love dogs -- you may notice the photo of one on this blog -- so Vick's dogfighting ring makes me angry. It's worse because Vick and I both grew up in Virginia, and we both went to college in Montgomery County (I went to Radford College; Vick went to Virginia Tech). It feels like guilt by association.

Still, Vick's paid for his crime (losing two years and a ton of money), so I wish him well. I'm glad he didn't join my aqua-and-orange team because of the distractions (besides, they already have a pretty good Wildcat quarterback), but it'll be fun to watch him play. And the drama with Donovan McNabb, Vick and the other QBs will be interesting.

Favre and the Vikings? I have a buddy who's a big Vikings fan, so I'll probably root for them. But I still liked Favre better in green and gold. I don't easily forgive and forget.

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