Friday, April 23, 2010

What happened?

I'M STILL TRYING to digest what happened in the first round of the NFL Draft. Jimmy Clausen, Mel Kiper's boy, wasn't drafted. Tim Tebow, not Mel's boy, went 25th to Denver. To Kiper's credit, he said he'll root for Tebow even though he hadn't pegged him to go that high.

My team, the Dolphins, picked a Penn State defensive tackle I never heard of, Jared Odrick. I'm still looking for information on him.

The Raiders took a responsible pick (LB Rolando McClain, Alabama), which surprised me. I expected something off the wall.

The 49ers did a nice job with two solid offensive linemen.

I'm curious to see where Colt McCoy (Texas) and Clausen (Notre Dame) go today. And who the Dolphins take.

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