Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Green Hornet with a stinger

I was a little leery when I got the off-the-wall movie The Green Hornet from Netflix. Once I got beyond the new-age (dumb) Hornet/Britt Reid, I enjoyed the movie. Kato was entertaining, and I enjoyed the gadgetry (although I eventually got tired of all the gun fire).

I was appalled, though, when they destroyed a newspaper building (and a perfectly good press) at the end. I was a long-time newspaperman, and newspaper ink still courses through my veins.
Yesterday, we watched the first seven episodes of a Green Hornet serial starring Gordon Jones and Keye Luke. I watched it because of Keye Luke, a key character in the Charlie Chan series featuring Warner Oland. It wasn't that great, although I may watch the final six episodes to see how it turns out.

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