Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sling on my TV

I had never heard of Sling TV when my wife first mentioned it last year. We couldn't afford cable, and she said that Sling would be a way to get ESPN and ESPN2 without the high cost of cable.

Sling TV streams on our Roku box, just like Netflix and Hulu Plus (and Acorn TV). We get a lot of channels, including ESPN, ESPN2, CNN, TBS, TNT, AMC and more, for $20 a month. And we didn't sign a contract.

It's a little clunkier than cable, and I have to work to get through the channels. I've gotten so used to watching Netflix and Hulu Plus that I expect to watch a show when I want to, and you can't do that with Sling TV.

The worst thing is when there's a commercial is being shown on ESPN or ESPN2, and they can't show it to Sling customers. I really hate that music with the logo on the screen. I usually mute it out; or I switch to something else.

But there's an obvious good (or great) side. I watched a ton of college football, and a lot of pro football, last fall.

I'm not much into basketball, but I'm hoping they run a lot of baseball on the ESPN channels this spring and summer. That will keep me going while I await football season.

P.S.: I watched the end of an NIT game tonight, and I enjoyed it. Amazing. I suspect I'll watch some more tomorrow.

NOTE: I hate the way Sling has changed the way you find channels. It's much harder this way.

UPDATE: I've gotten used to the new way Sling does its channel finder. I can move through the channels easier than before, so I like it.

ANOTHER UPDATE: The worst thing with Sling (or any streaming service) comes when your Wifi isn't working; without Wifi, I can't watch Sling, Hulu, Netflix, Acorn, etc.

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